2009 Team Lorenzini by Leoni

In 2009, Michele Pirro is in a great shape and after won two Italian titles of the Superstock 1000 class is promoted by Vanni Lorenzini to Super Sport 600 World Championship. The category is very difficult and the values are very high. He also takes part in the national championship, in which the team Yamaha Lorenzini by Leoni is amoung the best, but compete to internationally level against the official factories is a very hard task. Despite the technical gap, the R6 in the hands of Michele Pirro conquest the pole position in the San Marino GP at Misano but during the race had an electrical problem that excluded the Apulian rider from the standings. Michele Pirro carves out a space in the international scene.

In the Italian league is the absolute ruler, winning the third consecutive title with 4 victories in 6 races, by establishing the “pole position in all national races” in the last three years.
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