Michele Pirro

“I’m 25 years old, I was born in San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) on July 5th, 1986. From 11 years I have dedicated my life to the motorcycle, driven by the passion with humility, commitment, teamwork and sacrifice. I got pole positions, won races, 3 Italian titles and a 1 European championship. I’ve got signs of some battle from which I learned to get up and come back stronger than before.

I dreamed of take part of the GP Championship. This dream came true thanks to all the friends and sponsors who have always believed in me. I am part of one of the most important teams in MotoGP: Gresini team. I recently joined the Golden Flames sport group of the State Police and I am proud to represent Italy through this glorious body.

In addition to race with the bike, I try to be helpful for awareness for medical research so that even those who are less lucky than I am, can have one more chance.

The ” job as rider” introduced me to the reality of many factories that through the World Championship develop and consolidate relationships with customers around the world, combining their own corporate image to the prestigious motorsport event most spectacular of the world.

Is exciting to know that among the 217 countries connected from every corner of the world there might be someone who is watching me.

I try to have a more spontaneous relationship with the fans, from which I find the right motivation to close the visor and run as fast as I can. 

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